Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Report

Options for Replying to the Survey:

  • EMAIL an electronic file with occupational titles and wages (hourly preferred) of employees to: OESKansas@idcf.bls.gov (Spreadsheet example: Excel) 
    • Please click here to download a general template file to use
    • Please click here to download a USD template file to use
    • Please click here to download a post secondary education template file to use
  • ONLINE at https://idcfoes.bls.gov Submit your data or upload a spreadsheet. Log in using your IDCF number found in Box 3 on the survey form. Further instructions for reporting online can be found after logging in.
  • MAIL completed questionnaire or spreadsheet in the postage-paid envelope sent with the survey.
                      Address to: Kansas Department of Labor
                   Labor Market Information Services 
401 SW Topeka Blvd. 
Topeka, KS 66603
  • Call in the information toll free to (800) 432-2325.
  • Fax the completed form or spreadsheet to (785) 296-5286.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wages do I include? 
Please click here for a detailed description
Please click here for a supplemental instructions for elementary and secondary faculty and instructors

Please click here for a supplemental instructions for Junior Colleges, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools

What is the OES Report?
The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Report is a collection of occupational and wage data from employers in all states. The OES report helps the Kansas Department of Labor produce the Kansas Wage Survey. The survey process occurs in all states through cooperatve agreements with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the benefits of the report?
  • The report is used to produce the Kansas Wage Survey, which is the most widely-used information produced by LMIS.
  • Businesses can compare wages for occupations in areas or states when recruiting talent.
  • Identify growing occupations in an industry.
  • Compare current and projected occupational demands and skills needed.
  • Assists students and job seekers in making informed career decisions.
What do I do if no job titles on the form match my employee's title?
On the very back of the form, there is a blank sheet where you can write in your own job titles and wages, along with a short description of the job duties.

Do I report the "owner-manager"?
Count the owner-manager if your company is a corporation and the owner-manager draws a salary. Do Not count the owner-manager if the company is a sole proprietorship, partnership or other non-corporate organization.

How should I format my spreadsheet?
Please click here to download a template file to use
Company Name:  
Schedule Number:  
Benchmark Employment:  
Job Title Wage (Hrly or Annual)

Additional Resources:
SOC Codes
National Estimates

According to Federal law, the information provided by businesses is used for statistical purposes only. Any company or individual identifying information for non-government establishments is held in strict confidence. Results from previous surveys can be viewed at https://klic.dol.ks.gov/ in the Kansas Wage Survey.