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Check out our  Job Spidering feature. 

Job Spidering is a technology that grabs online job postings and lists them in one convenient place. Use it to find a job or analyze trends.

Regional Focus

The data is presented, for each local area in Kansas, according to five major topic areas—unemployment activity, employment and wage data, current job openings, employment projections and labor mobility.


A great resource, from the Kansas Department of Commerce, for posting and finding jobs in the state of Kansas. Whether you're looking for that perfect job, that perfect employee or information on an industry or workforce, KANSASWORKS is a great resource.


Unemployment Insurance

Weekly Review

Get weekly data on unemployment claims and payment activity.

Reference Guide

A valuable resource to individuals looking for UI data and UI laws for Kansas.

Industry Information

Industry Employment Projections

Short and long-term industry projections for Kansas and 7 Kansas regions.

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Quarterly industry employment and wage data.

Current Employment Statistics

Monthly survey of jobs by industry.

Local Employment Dynamics

Demographic and economic workforce indicators.

Industry Staffing Patterns

Displays occupations within a selected industry.

Employer Database

Lists employers in a specific geographic area by industry.

Labor Force

Unemployment Rates

Estimates of the civilian labor force, employment, unemployment and unemployment rates.

Commuting Patterns

See where people who work in Kansas live and vice versa.

Occupation Information

Job Vacancies

Educational requirements, wages and benefits offered from Kansas job vacancies;  based on a survey of Kansas employers.

Kansas Safety Statistics

Examine data on work related illness and injuries in Kansas and the frequency of fatal injuries in the workplace.

Occupational Wages

Access wages and estimated employment by occupation. Customize wage reports or obtain data a a county level.

Licensed Occupations

Licensing requirements for selected occupations in Kansas.

Occupational Employment Projections

Short and long-term projections for Kansas occupations.


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