Kansas Regional Focus

Regional Focus


Regional Focus combines information from a variety of Labor Market Information programs into one easy-to-use site.

The data is presented for each local area in Kansas according to five major topic areas—unemployment activity, employment and wage data, current job openings, employment projections and labor mobility.

It includes the following information for the most current time period available:  unemployment rates, initial claims for unemployment insurance, employment by industry, top 10 employers, entry level, mean, and experienced wage rates, online job openings, education requirements and benefit offers for job vacancies, projected demand by occupation, and commuting patterns.

You can also find more information regarding a particular area by selecting "Area Profile" on the left hand side of the page.

Please select an area below to view more detailed information:


Map of Local Areas in Kansas

The information provided here is only a sample of the data available through Labor Market Information Services.  Please contact us for additional information or specific data requests at:  Laborstats@dol.ks.gov.