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Help Wanted Online (HWOL)

Each month, the HWOL data series is used to provide a listing of the top 10 online job openings in Kansas and in each local area. 

This data is combined with information from other programs in order to provide a summary of the top online openings around the state including wages, education requirements, knowledge, skills, and abilities, and top employers and advertisers.

The Help Wanted Online Data SeriesTM (HWOL), produced by the Conference Board, provides a measure of labor demand by offering a comprehensive listing of unique, online advertised job vacancies from over 1,200 internet job boards and newspaper websites nationwide. 

Please note: This report has been discontinued. The final report is December, 2013
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2013 Annual Average and Monthly Online Openings:
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Conference Board Technical Notes

Note:  HWOL data excludes duplicate advertisements, ads on corporate websites and ads that appear in written form only; e.g. newspapers, magazines, etc.  Advertisements with multiple openings are only counted once.  Those ads that were not assigned a geographic location are excluded from the county-level and local area analyses and may prevent them from summing to statewide totals.
The information provided here is only a sample of the data available through the HWOL program.  Please contact us for additional information or specific data requests at: