2012 Job Vacancy Survey

2012 Kansas Job Vacancy Survey (JVS)

The Kansas Job Vacancy Survey provides an assessment of labor demand in the state and each of the local areas based on a survey of Kansas employers.  It provides valuable information regarding the specific occupations that are in demand as well as numerous details pertaining to such openings.  These details include things like the duration of vacancies, the permanent/temporary and full-time/part-time status of vacancies, and the educational requirements, average wage offers, and benefits associated with an area’s job openings.

The 2012 Kansas Job Vacancy Survey found that there were an estimated 36,000 job vacancies in Kansas during the second quarter of 2012—a 17.3 percent increase in the number of openings recorded during the previous year.  The vacancy rate at this time was 2.7 percent, which indicates that for every 100 job positions, 2.7 were vacant and 97.3 were filled.  The highest job vacancy rate, 3.7 percent, was found in western Kansas while the lowest job vacancy rate, 2.3 percent, was found in south central and southeast Kansas.

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We would like to thank the employers who took the time to respond to the 2012 Kansas Job Vacancy Survey during the months of April, May, and June. Without their help, this study would not have been possible. We hope to continue to partner with Kansas employers to produce and provide useful and timely workforce information that will benefit employers, job seekers, and the state's workforce development efforts.

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