2013 Kansas Wage Survey

The 2013 Kansas Wage Survey is compiled using results from a semi-annual survey conducted by the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program. The survey is sample-based and asks employers to provide data regarding occupational employment and wages for their establishment. The results detail estimated wage (annual and/or hourly) and employment data for most occupations in the state, its metro areas and designated non-metro areas. Due to confidentiality and quality criteria, the Labor Market Information Division cannot produce estimates for every occupation in every geographic area. The 2012 employment and wages by occupation are the most recent data available.

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The 2013 Kansas Wage Survey completes the transition to the SOC 2010 occupational coding structure. Please refer to our SOC 2010 page for more information about the coding transition.

Employment and wages by occupation generally include workers covered by the unemployment insurance program and exclude both farm and nonfarm self-employed workers, private household workers, unpaid family workers, and owners or partners of unincorporated firms. Wages do not include overtime or bonus pay. 

The data are based on a point-in-time survey and were collected on different occupational structures and therefore are not directly compatible.

Employment and wages by occupation can be used to analyze occupational wage rates across markets, develop staffing patterns and occupation projections, and plan for careers.

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