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Kansas Labor Market Report
January 2017

Preliminary estimates reported today by the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show the January seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.1 percent. This was down from 4.3 percent in December and unchanged from January 2016.

Seasonally adjusted job estimates indicate total Kansas nonfarm jobs decreased by 3,500 from December. Private sector jobs, a subset of total nonfarm jobs, decreased by 1,400 from the previous month.

Over the year, Kansas lost 2,400 seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs. Kansas lost 2,300 private sector jobs since January 2016.

“The unemployment rate for January dropped to 4.1 percent, matching the rate from last January. This was due to a significant decrease in the number of unemployed Kansans. Annual estimates for 2016 show the number of unemployed persons has fallen below pre-recession levels, to the lowest level in 15 years,” said Emilie Doerksen, Labor Economist, Kansas Department of Labor. “While the unemployment rate remains low, the labor force and employment have contracted over the year. This is consistent with the survey of employers which indicates fewer nonfarm jobs than last year.”

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Audio clip of the Labor Market Report quote by Emilie Doerksen, Labor Economist is available online, courtesy of the Kansas Department of Labor.

Emilie Doerksen, Labor Economist - Audio file
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