2017 Kansas Economic Report

The 2017 Economic Report provides a valuable analysis and collection of data regarding the state’s economic condition over the past year. Kansas added 8,300 private sector jobs in 2016. This marks the sixth consecutive year of job growth.

The number of Kansans unemployed decreased to 61,879 the lowest number of unemployed people in the state in 15 years.

Estimates from the 2017 Kansas Job Vacancy Survey show there were 48,908 open positions in the second quarter. This is a 9.1 percent increase
from 2016.

The 2017 Economic Report can be viewed here. 

The 2017 Kansas Economic Report provides details related to the state's economic condition in 2016, including employment growth, unemployment rates and the state's global business position. The report, including its charts and tables, give the reader insight into what is happening currently in the Kansas economy.