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Kansas Labor Market Report
June 2022
IMPORTANT NOTE: This release includes nonfarm jobs and labor force estimates for June 2022, which are produced using data from two monthly surveys. Data for nonfarm job estimates is collected through a survey of employers while the main input for labor force estimates is a survey of households. Data collected for this report references the week including June 12.
Preliminary estimates reported by the Labor Market Information Services (LMIS) division of the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show a  seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 2.4% in June. This was an increase from 2.3% in May and a decrease from 3.5% in June 2021.

“Even with a slight uptick to 2.4%, the Kansas unemployment rate remained near historic lows in June,” said Secretary Amber Shultz. “This indicates strength in the Kansas job market as people continue to find employment across the state.” 

Seasonally adjusted job estimates for Kansas indicate total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 4,600 from May. Total nonfarm includes private sector and government employers.  Private sector jobs increased by 700 over the month, while government increased by 3,900.

“The Kansas economy saw robust hiring in June, adding 4,600 jobs over the month,” said Labor Economist Nathan Kessler. “While the job market remains strong, real hourly earnings continue to decline as a result of persistently high inflation, falling 4.1% compared to June 2021.”

Since June 2021 Kansas' seasonally adjusted total nonfarm jobs have increased by 20,800. This change is due to an increase of 21,800 private sector jobs and a decrease of 1,000 government jobs.

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Audio clips of the Labor Market Report quotes by Secretary of Labor, Amber Shultz, and Labor Economist, Nathan Kessler, are available online, courtesy of the Kansas Department of Labor.

        Amber Shultz, Kansas Secretary of Labor - Audio file                                                        Nathan Kessler, Labor Economist - Audio file
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