2030 Employment Projections

Kansas 10 Year Job Outlook
2020 - 2030


The Kansas Occupational Outlook projects the total employment in the state of Kansas to grow by 99,395 jobs over the 10 year period.  

The 10 year projection program projects the long-term trend of employment in Kansas.  The major assumption is full employment in the projected year.  In this way, the program is not intending to project future expansions and contractions, only the long-term trend.

2020 - 2030 Statewide Files:
Occupational file for Statewide click here
Industry file for Statewide click here

2018-2028 Sub State Regional files (2020-2030 regional projections will be released July 2023):
Occupational file for all 2018-2028 regions click here 
Industry file for all 2018-2028 regions click here

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Long-term projections are created every two years and cover a 10-year time span. The projections are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration.

Short Term (2 year) Occupational and Industry Projections